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About Greg
A native Montanan, Greg was born and raised in the Big Hole Valley near the town of Wisdom. A fourth-generation cattle rancher whose great-grandparents homesteaded in the valley in 1894, he is the seventh of eight children from a traditional, hard-working ranch family whose values are anchored in integrity, honesty, and commitment.

With the exception of a stint at Montana State University to finish a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, nearly every waking moment of Greg’s life since 1986 has been dedicated to a deeper understanding of the horse and the human.

In 1989, Greg hired on with renowned horse expert Buck Brannaman, an active and highly practiced advocate of “natural horsemanship.” Although working with Buck for four years meant intensive study of the horse, Greg additionally sharpened his personal horsemanship and people skills.

In 1993, Greg moved to Washington. The state offered an area with a very high population of horse owners not yet influenced by the teachings of such practitioners as Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt, and Tom and Bill Dorrance. Here, Greg felt he could have the greatest impact on the critically important relationship between horses and their owners. The highlight of this period has been the development and implementation of a very successful step-by-step program to educate the human and horse.

Guided by a deep concern for the well-being of both horses and humans, Greg’s program has gained regional notoriety for achieving dramatic results through education, understanding, and self-awareness. Simply, this has been the result of knowing the horse and allowing him to do what he does best. Greg’s philosophy is that the horse deserves the emphasis. He sees his role as helping people with problems by initially speaking for the horse—the ultimate and noble star.

Greg presents his program at monthly clinics on both the East and West coasts. He and his training techniques have been the subject of numerous local, regional, and national news features, both print and broadcast.

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