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Groundwork/Horsemanship Clinic (4 Days)
Cost is $450*

The Groundwork/Horsemanship Clinic will give you and your horse the opportunity to learn together with Greg. You’ll be working toward developing an understanding of how your horse learns, as well as acquiring the tools to build a solid foundation from feel. This is the beginning of a new relationship together. The foundation in groundwork will help to build a secure, confident, relaxed, and supple horse. Followed by applying the groundwork to the saddle, the rider will now begin to reap the benefits from the new foundation, helping the horse to move away from the slightest amount of feel. Once we have learned how to meet the horse’s needs and to speak to the horses in their language, the horse and rider have a much greater potential of reaching goals for any discipline in harmony. This clinic will give you the skills to stay safe and become a confident leader for the horse.


Sponsoring a Clinic
Greg encourages clinic sponsorship by persons who share the same philosophy, passion, and dedication to horses. Clinic sponsors are a vital link between Greg and the clinic riders. If you’re interested in sponsoring a clinic in your area, contact Greg for a clinic sponsorship packet. Advance Demonstrations are a great way to introduce Greg and his clinics to your area and stimulate interest. Conducted by Greg, these demonstrations include an introduction, horse demonstration, and a question-and-answer session. By using horses that exhibit poor ground manners, trailer loading difficulties, or riding problems, attendees can begin to appreciate what’s available through Greg’s clinics.

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Registration for any clinic requires a deposit. Please contact the clinic host.
Spectators are welcome ($25 per day)

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